Walking the dog is such a simple, ordinary thing that we don't think
twice about it. For many dogs it is their favorite thing in the world.
What if that every day activity was suddenly banned by law? This is what
dog owners are now facing in Iran as part of the latest attempt to get
rid of dogs in a country where animals are viewed as "unclean."No Dogs Allowed Sign (Photo by Jon Sullivan/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)No Dogs Allowed Sign (Photo by Jon Sullivan/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Iranian authorities, in an attempt to criminalize dog ownership, have said that the increasing popularity of pet ownership in the country is evidence of a cultural problem and a "blind imitation of vulgar Western culture." The Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem has decreed that owning a dog would corrupt the family and undermine social values, pointing out that in the West some love their dogs more than their spouses and children.

Dog owners caught walking their dogs or transporting them in a car are at risk of fines and the confiscation of the dogs. The cars may be impounded.

Dog Walking (Photo by Snowacinesy/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Dog Walking (Photo by Snowacinesy/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)The Iranian Society for the Prevention to Animals is questioning the legality of the law. Dozens of dogs have already been confiscated and moved to an "undisclosed" location. Animal advocates say that the current crackdown is far more serious than past attempts to ban dogs.

Despite the law and confiscations the dog business in Iran is booming. Dog supplies are readily available and even a few dog hotels have come into existence. The people have been finding ways to skirt the laws by walking their dogs at night when they are less likely to be seen and opting for smaller, quieter breeds.

It does seem that even in Iran, when it comes to dogs, you can't legislate love.

Source: Daily Mail

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