I always have such a difficult time cutting back my holiday gift columns for dogs, and this Valentine's Day is worse than ever. Cute just does not take a rest!

So I've cut back to 14 doggie Valentine gifts for you to check out. Let's jump right in; you have less than a month left to find the perfect Valentine for your most perfect love....


1. The Flirt Dog Harness Dress

Isn't this a killer dress? The 3-piece Flirt outfit has that tough but feminine look every fashionable dog wants. Here it is, ready for Valentine's Day, complete with beret, dress, and matching leash. At My Pet Haven.




2. The Leopard Dog Thong Valentine

If your dog is chewing up your underwear, buy her a thong of her own. This Leopard Thong is just perfect for Valentine's Day; it's leopard, black laced, has a sweetheart bow, and a squeaker inside! At Chimpfeet.com.




3. Red Sequined Valentine's Day Dog Collar

This pretty little
collar stretches right over your dog's head and can fit over her
regular collar. Just for dress, it will be perfect for any holiday
attire. At Amazon.




4. Hearts & Roses Valentine Dog Bed

This very unusual dog bed looks handmaid, with its embroidered hearts and buttons on an ivory brocade background. Has a 25" diameter. Very pretty at Blooming Tails Dog Boutique.




5. Love Bug Dog Valentine Shirt

See what I mean about cute never taking a rest when it comes to Valentine's for pets? I'm A Little Love Bug" epitomizes cute with its double ruffle cotton spandex body and the big lady bug (?) on the back. At My Pet Haven.




6. Talking Heart Throb Dog Toy

Plush heart will tell your pup all year long how much you love her; it actually says "I love you," when she presses it. My pup's Heart Throb is still talking after a few years of his "ventriloquist" act. At Amazon.




7. Valentine SweetArt Handmade Dog Collar

Here's a joyous candy heart collar that your pup can wear all year long. Cotton on nylon webbing. At Amazon.




8. Scribbly Hearts Dog Shirt

Nicely styled fleece dog shirt makes
Valentine's Day one for showing off! The Scribbly Hearts comes in male
and female versions and can be personalized for your dog. At My Pet Haven.




9. Sparkling Hearts Dog Treats

Boy these dog cookies look good
enough to eat! And they are, what with all that stone ground whole
wheat flour and chicken livers! Yum! Made with love at Perky Paws Cafe.




10. My Valentine Fancy Pet Rhinestone Collar

I'd like to wear this one but my little bee neckline's a bit too narrow. The sparkle in this collar will only be matched by your sweet Valentine! At Amazon.




11. BeBe Valentine White & Pink Dog Heart Bed

Pink "mink" trim, satin bows, and crystal hearts surround the center pillow that's machine washable! Charming! At Handsnpaws.




12. Be My Valentine Personalized Dog Bandana

When he wants to dress for Valentine's Day, just not in a dress,
the Personalized Dog Bandana is just the thing to keep it simple and
unambiguous. He'll be everyone's valentine, in this cotton 19" x 12"
bandana that fits right over his collar! At Personalization Mall.



13. The Pooch Party Valentine's Day Dog Gift Basket

When your pooch only understands one kind of love (food), you have to go all out on Valentine's Day. This big basket of dog treats includes a Pooch Party Cake, Freeze Dried Ice Cream, Bow Wow Carob Bar, Huge 5 Hand Cut & Decorated Ice Cream Cone Biscuits, Gift Box of High End Bon Bones Bakery Designer Biscuits, and a Mega Bite Peanut Bon. Valentine theme at Amazon.




14. My Little Lover Dog Hoodie

Fortunately this adorable dog
hoodie comes in larger sizes, but isn't it precious? "Minky" exterior
is lined with cotton. Lover Dog has a snap front closure and a D-ring
(hidden by the ribbon) for hooking up on Valentine's Day! At My Pet Haven.


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That's the buzz for today! Hope you and your pets enjoy Valentine's Day together....



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