Common scene when you think you're leaving home...: image via dogvacay.comCommon scene when you think you're leaving home...: image via dogvacay.comHow many times has this scene been repeated in your house?  Every time I
get a suitcase out, my dog's ears go back and his head goes down.  And
once I've opened the bag, he's right inside with the same sheepish
looks, and he won't be moved out. I hate to leave my pets!

I never have a real vacation when I've boarded my pets; I never stop worrying about them.   I've tried 'house sitters' too; they were both from hell.  But a possible solution to these horrors is a business that started in Los Angeles and is spreading like wildfire all over the country.  It's called Dog Vacay and it offers a different kind of vacation for you and your dog -  your dog travels with you, but can stay with a dog sitter wherever you go.

The sitter will be a Dog Vacay-approved and insured pet sitter and will keep your dog at his or her home, either along or with other dogs.  The sitter sets his or her own rates. You you pay by the day and all the options about feeding, walking, and playing are yours to negotiate with the sitter, who you get to approve yourself by having a Dog Vacay Meet & Greet with the sitter at his or her home.  You decide if the situation is appropriate for your baby and, if not, you can move ahead and select a different Dog Vacay experience.

Dog Vacay provides lots of information about traveling with your pet through its blog.  You will be totally prepared if you follow the tips offered there.  And once you arrive at your destination and drop off your baby at the sitter, you will get regular emails or calls about your dog's day with the sitter, so you will be able to have a great vacation without worrying about your loved one.

Now, if you are a pet sitter, you are missing an opportunity to expand your business if you are not enrolled in Dog Vacay's sitter program.  There is an application process, but if you have pet sitting experience and a suitable living space to accommodate at least one visiting dog, you should not have difficulty joining this growing business, and thereby growing your own experience and offerings to your customers.

For more information about Dog Vacay, visit the site and get acquainted with the unique opportunities to earn some extra money and love some more dogs!  That's what it's all about, isn't it?

That's the buzz for today!