Tsar is a German shorthaired pointer who is apparently being trained to
become a bartender -- or at least a waiter. In doing so he employs his
skills as a trained hunting dog to retrieve his target. In this case a
bottle of his owner's potent potable of choice. When his owner gives him
a treat and a quick order, Tsar will run back to the car and fetch a
bottle of vodka in a trice.

 Tsar Gets A Treat From His Owner (You Tube Image)Tsar Gets A Treat From His Owner (You Tube Image)

So the dog is something of an alcoholic's enabler, but he is still adorable. Tsar was filmed performing his trick for his master while on a hunting trip in the Ukraine and the video is going viral. Around the world he is getting the reputation for truly being man's best friend -- and the world's best dog..

 Tsar Fetching A Bottle Of Vodka (You Tube Image)Tsar Fetching A Bottle Of Vodka (You Tube Image)

It's a good thing that his human drinks his vodka neat. Although seeing the dog crush ice for vodka rocks or pour the OJ for a screwdriver would REALLY be a trick. The barking bartender gets his reward in the end though -- a second treat for a job well done.

When lunchtime rolls around can he manage a nice bowl of borscht?

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