There are times when you just don't want that big dog bed cluttering up
the living room, but you don't want to have to lug the thing around the
house. There must be a better way -- and there is. Murphy's Paw Design is a
company that has created a pet Murphy bed that folds up into a handsome
wall unit for added space and instant decluttering.

 Murphy Pet BedMurphy Pet Bed

The original Murphy bed was designed for humans living in small spaces and first appeared in the early 20th century. The bed would fold up into the wall during the day to allow for a larger living space. Now that same space-saving concept is being applied to the creation of pet beds.

 Murphy Pet BedMurphy Pet Bed

The unit is made of stained and sealed mahogany with a contemporary design that will fit into any decor. There are two different sections that fold down -- one is the bed, of course, and the other folds down to reveal a set of shelves. That is where you can store dog toys and food dishes.

 Manatea InfuserManatea Infuser

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