Dogs truly are devoted to their owners. One dog, el Capitan, from Argentina is taking his love to new levels. Miguel Guzman bought Captain as a puppy and un-expectantly passed away a year after buying the adorable mixed German Shepherd. Upon Guzman’s’ passing, Captain ran away and the family searched for him, only to realize that they had lost their beloved family dog.

Assuming they had lost their dog, the family decided to go to the cemetery to visit Guzman’s grave. Once they arrived, they were surprised to see el Capitan laying on the grave. The family had not taken the mixed German Shepherd to the grave and they became even more surprised to learn that their beloved dog found the grave on his own and actually lays next to the grave.

Groundskeepers told the family that their dog arrives at the graveside every evening at 6 p.m. and he sleeps on the grave all night long. On the rare occasion el Capitan will come and visit the family at home but he always comes back to the graveyard to sleep on his deceased owners grave.

This inspirational dog has lead many pet owners to recognize the love between pets and their owners. After reading this, we hope you will take an extra minute to give your furry friend a nice hug, pat, or kiss!

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