Western European custom has it that the human bridegroom dress in a conservative dark suit or tuxedo at his wedding: the bride should never be upstaged, and that's as it should be! But dog brides better be prepared to share the stage when it comes to the newest fashions for dog grooms. These trend setters are anything but reserved.


1. The Gold Lamé Dog Groom Tuxedo


Wow! This tux is not shy, that's for sure; no wonder it's modelled by a terrier. The gold lamé jacket is trimmed with a silver lamé collar and cuffs. The matching bow tie is a silver neck band with a gold tie. Flashy and dapper! Good choice for a medium to large dog, if the bride dog doesn't mind being upstaged. Available at The Gilded Paw for about $35.



2. Dog Groom Tuxedo à la Sherlock Holmes


Here is a very special dog tuxedo, a late 19th century retro. It includes a fully lined brocade tuxedo coat, black on black, with a large filigree button. Sizing accommodates extra small to large dog grooms for $90 at Posh Pet Glamour Boutique.



The shirt that goes with the Tuxedo à la Sherlock Holmes is 100 percent silk,with long sleeves and cuffs. Three black buttons line the front to the tuxedo opening. Each shirt is made to order for $40, so order early from Posh Pet Glamour Boutique. Hopefully, your groom's wedding will be held in an air conditioned chapel, if he's going to wear the Sherlock Holmes in the summer.





3. Floral Applique Dog Groom Coat

Dogwear designer Oscar Newman makes an impression with a beautiful line of dressy coats with a distinct eastern flair. This lovely quilted coat is lightweight and its pale green color looks perfect for a summer wedding. Each coat is hand-beaded and embroidered. It is a limited edition issue by the designer, in sizes from xxs to large. Available from Modern Tails for $81.




4. Puppia's Dog Groom Majesty Vest

Designer Puppia has made this lovely dog vest, which I like as a stand alone groom vest, although it can be worn with a tuxedo. It would be a shame to hide its clean lines, lovely ruffles, and sharp belt under a jacket. And on a furry dog, the Majesty Vest may be just enough clothing in the summer time. The glossy finish on the vest makes it look pretty swanky! Available from Barron's House of Treasures for $70.



5. The Classic Dog Groom Tuxedo


It always helps when the style fits the model, as this Schnauzer is all over this dog groom outfit. Very sharp looking, the Classic Dog Groom Tuxedo is a two piece suit, the shirt with attached tie and the tuxedo coat, with gold buttons in front and a gold chain in back. Runs from X-Small to XX-Large and is $140 from Modern Tails.





6. Three-Piece Dog Groom Tuxedo With Red Bow Tie


What a joyous festival marriage is... so why not add a flash of red to your tux? Not just handsome and dapper, with red tie and flower bouteneer, The Three-Piece Dog Groom Tuxedo is a very well designed outfit. The fully cotton shirt and tuxedo jacket have great style and lovely lines. The shirt is nicely fitted as is the tux coat, but the coat has two rows of buttons, just in case the groom puts on weight after he's married! The red bow tie buttons very neatly to the shirt. See all the beautiful pictures of this tuxedo suit at Doggiedesigner.com, where it can be purchased for $80.




7. The Dog Groom's Striped Suit

If you're not having a formal wedding, this is a great summer wedding outfit for your groom. Every practical dog knows there's just not that many occasions for a tux, so this dress suit will come in handy on more occasions. With stylish lines and closures, this not-too-fussy outfit does the trick in black with thin white stripes. Made in sizes small to xxx-large and available from Hands 'N Paws for $40.



8. The Woof Royal Tux For Dog Grooms


What a nicely appointed shirt and tuxedo coat! Dog designer Woof made this gilded trimmed silky smooth jacket with an oriental twist but a distinctly european bow tie. Lovely on this silky terrier. The Royal Tux is $135 and comes in x-small up to xx-large at Modern Tails.



9. Minimalism For Maximum Effect Dog Groom Tuxedo Scarf


Make it easy for the dog who hates clothes to get through his wedding in this really special dog groom scarf. He can wear it under his tuxedo, or as a stand alone; everyone will get the idea! This cute Tuxedo Scarf comes in small and large for $18 from Doggie Clothesline.



10. The Empress Dress and Emperor Suit For Dog Bride And Groom


I just had to include both exquisite gowns here, because they make such perfect outfits for the bride and groom, or for members of the wedding party. Oriental styling make these gold flower Empress Dress and Emporer Suit unique, with detailed hand-stitching emphasizing traditional features of eastern clothing. I don't see why a dog bride or groom couldn't wear these for a summer or winter wedding. An absolutely lovely pair, but sold separately for $135, at Modern Tails.



Tips for selecting groom attire for your dog:


  • When purchasing a dog tuxedo make sure you find out what pieces are included with the tux coat. Some photos will show the dog model in full attire, when perhaps the shirt or tie is not included with the purchase of the tuxedo coat.
  • Before considering attire for your dog groom, consider the environment and temperature conditions. If you will be purchasing a tuxedo coat or other jacket, make sure the material is light weight and/or that the wedding environment is air conditioned. Have plenty of fresh water on hand.
  • If your dog is not used to wearing clothes, don't make his wedding day the first time he does. Go minimal with a tie or shirt or the groom scarf listed above.
  • Read dog fashion designer Emma Rose's column at My Uptown Pooch about planning for your dog's wedding.

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