There are a lot of dogs with chewing issues out there, but one dog went
above and beyond with her compulsive behavior. She chewed through the
fender of her owner's $130,000 Aston Martin DB9 Volante earlier this month. Perhaps she
justLuce (You Tube Image)Luce (You Tube Image) had a craving for fiberglass. The damage cost $5,000 to repair. It
also cost Luce her home when her owner gave her away. Well, sort of.

Royston Grimstead, a car guy in Chedzoy, England, came home one day and found Luce covered in white stuff. At first he
thought she had gotten hold of a bird and that the white was feathers.
Then he discovered that it was fiberglass. That led him to discover that she had removed a large chunk from the car.

His first response was to laugh. What else could he do? This is one of those crazy, weird things that happen sometimes. It certainly is one of those stories he will get to tell for years to come. He could tell that Luce knew she Luce's Toothy Handiwork (You Tube Image)Luce's Toothy Handiwork (You Tube Image)had done something wrong by the look on her face. 

Fortunately the car was insured and the damage was covered. Grimstead said that he had already been planning to give the dog away because she didn't get along with his other dog. When Luce, a 3-year-old border collie/spaniel mix, went on her chewing binge it was just the catalyst to get him moving with his plan.

Source: NY Daily News


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