In the last couple of days a new video has taken the internet by storm.
This fantastically adorable dog doing a parody of those strange ads for
Chanel No. 5 perfume that show Brad Pitt rambling aimlessly like he has
lost hisDog Spoofing Brad Pitt (You Tube Image)Dog Spoofing Brad Pitt (You Tube Image) mind. Everyone from Saturday Night Live on down is taking this
one on. However, this dog takes first prize.

The dog appears to be doing a soliloquy on his owner while staring soulfully into the camera with a heartfelt voice-over that resembles Brad Pitt's voice. While the whole thing is adorable, the kicker is that instead of Chanel No. 5, this clever canine is hawking a product that is named Kennel No. 5. It is a laugh-out-loud punchline for the video, 

There is one sticking point that no one seems to have yet picked up on that could leave the makers of this The Real Kennel No. 5The Real Kennel No. 5videeo in a legal battle. It could turn out to be really stinky business. There already actually IS a product called Kennel No. 5. It is a cologne and deodorizer for ppts by Gerard/Pellham. They advertise their product as providing a long-lasting fragrance that will keep your fresh and inoffensive. (For more information, click here.)

Perhaps the real makers of Kennel No. 5 will forget the legal wranglings and make use of this video for what it really is for them -- a big load of free publicity for their product. That would be where the true genius of this video parody lies.

 As for Brad Pitt, he comes in a distant second and looks like he is badly in need a trip to the groomer for a trim.

As for Chanel -- it will probably take the holiday sales figures to know whether or not this new ad campaign has done what they are expecting.