DJ Scratching Pad For The Hippest Cats In The Hood

With the DJ Cat Scratching Pad your pampered puss will be the coolest cat around. Your furry homie will be chillin' in da house as she sharpens her claws and stretches her muscles with this great cardboard turntable, complete with spinable deck and moveable tone arm. She'll be rockin' it old school as Queen Catifah.


This great item will make you "da bomb" with your cat. This "pawsome" item is covered with cat faces and paw prints. No doubt your friends will agree that you have the hippest cat in the hood, for shizzle! Be the first in your posse to get one!

The DJ Cat Scratching Pad from comes as a flat pack cardboard kit that you assemble easily according to the included directions. For more information, click here.

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Kitty Devine
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