The Disposable Katpak™ Eco-Friendly Litter Box In A Box!

Buy your cat any toy you want; in a few days he won't want anything to do with it.  But cats never seem to tire of playing with paper bags and cardboard boxes.  So, a cat litter box made of cardboard seems an obvious solution for two purposes. Of course the Katpak, with some eco-friendly kitty litter, is a clean ecological potty for home and for travel.  But the other purpose, as you'll see in the video...

... is a cat playpen.


 (Video by Planet Tails)


Katpak comes in packs of 5 and each opens up like an accordion from a flatly-folded, handled cardboard square.  One Katpak can last for about 7 days, and then you toss it and the (biodegradable) cat litter in your recycle containers.


 Katpak, biodegradable kitty litter box: ©Supercool Kitty Ltd.Katpak, biodegradable kitty litter box: ©Supercool Kitty Ltd.


Unfortunately, the Katpak, a British invention, is not available in the U.S. yet.  Look for it though; Supercool Kitty Ltd. is looking for a U.S. distributor, and I'm sure it will find one for this neat cat product.

If you can't wait to purchase Katpak, you can buy it here.


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Lady Bee
Pet News

Nov 4, 2010
by Anonymous
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katpak in the US

Thank you for reviewing our product, we are glad that you found it useful and your cats seemed to have liked too!

We are now distributing katpak in the US exclusively through The Green Pet Shop:

Also, could we link to your video from our website, ? it's perfect! :)

Nov 4, 2010
by Anonymous
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IS this product available in any store? the cost of shipping is more than the price of the product.

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