Ruff! Designer jewelry for dogs that I wouldn't mind wearing at all.  Wait until you see it.

The designer, IsPet, makes adorable dog clothing, even retro outfits that are so much fun, but while looking through the company's website, I caught a glimpse of the Yvonne Necklace and my eyes just popped.

Take a look...  It's made of purple cut glass and Swarovski-crystalled hearts on a shiny metal alloy that looks like silver.


Yvonne Dog NecklaceYvonne Dog Necklace


Here's a nice Black Crystal Necklace for the well dressed male (or female) dog, the style a throw-back to a necklace designed by Coco Chanel. This Crystal Necklace is also on a shiny alloy base; each black link of cut glass is surrounded by 18 pieces of Swarovski crystal.  


Black Crystal Dog NecklaceBlack Crystal Dog Necklace


The Ida Pearl Necklace is sooo beautiful, I want a choker just like it!  Faux pearls with water drop shells, each surrounded by 12 Swarovski crystals...


 Ida Pearl Dog NecklaceIda Pearl Dog Necklace


Oh, and what a stunning Pet Tie Necklace, totally covered in 223 Swarovski crystals in 2.5mm and 1.8mm size!


Tie Necklace for dogs.Tie Necklace for dogs.


Pet Tie Necklace: © IsPetUSAPet Tie Necklace: © IsPetUSA


I'm tempted to show you all the dog necklaces at IsPet but I've given you enough of a tease.  Check out its great designer dog clothes and jewelry designs at IsPet USA.  The company will be sharing its designer wares this weekend, August 21 and 22, 2010 at Pet Fashion Week, New York - booth P127.


That's the buzz for today!