I've come across a terrific online shop called Bags Of Love, where you can customize your own pet beds, designing their covers and even the shapes of the beds.

Just look at Molly's bed, for example.  Her owner designed the image for the top cover of the bed, selected one of several available edge patterns to match, and even designed the shape of the bed, making it look like Molly's favorite couch!


Molly's custom-designed Bed of Love: by bagsoflove.co.ukMolly's custom-designed Bed of Love: by bagsoflove.co.uk


The Bed of Love is ordinarily about 8cm (3 + inches) thick, but you can order a thicker wadding if you like.  If you choose not to design your own pillow shape, the standard rectangular pet bed comes in two sizes for cats and four sizes for dogs. The bottom of the slip-on, zipper-close, pillow case is waterproof nylon, and the whole cover can be washed at low temperatures in the machine.


Bed of Love pet bed: by bagsoflove.co.ukBed of Love pet bed: by bagsoflove.co.uk


Here are a few of the other Bags of Love Pet Beds with special designs on them; the clear, precise imaging makes these pillows so attractive. The company uses a dye sublimation process, that insures at least four coats of dye coverage on a soft polyester cloth. 


Cat Bed of LoveCat Bed of Love


Dog Bed of Love: by bagsoflove.co.ukDog Bed of Love: by bagsoflove.co.uk


Cats Bed of Love: by bagsoflove.co.ukCats Bed of Love: by bagsoflove.co.uk


Let your imagination run wild!

Many other items are available to customize with your pets' images or your own at Bags Of Love.

That's the buzz for today!