Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet is a non-profit organization that
finds foster homes for these pets so that the soldier or veterans can be
reunited with his furry or feathered family member.  In addition to
deployment, they also help in any unforeseen emergency that may remove
the human from the pet's life.

"They also serve those who stand and wait." The poet John Milton was writing about his blindness, but the quote is also appropriate when applied to the blind love pets show for their humans. When soldiers are away from home, deployed to a distant post, they have loved ones they leave behind, those who also serve by waiting for their return, including their pets. These pets still need someone to care for them -- a guardian angel -- literally.

In the past it was a trauma for both soldier and pet, as one had to leave the other behind at a shelter or rescue group. The soldier had no idea if the pet would find a good home or possibly face euthanasia. It was the realization of this that led to the 2005 founding of the group. Now soldiers can do their duty knowing that their pet will still be there when they return home. Recent news reports have shown video of the excitement for both when they are reunited.

Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet has been establishing a network of loving and caring foster families to provide these pets with a safe and healthy environment. The usual length of a fostering situation is 3-6 months, but longer arrangements have happened for soldiers deployed for longer tours of duty, or who need a hospital stay before returning home. The group also helps the pets of veterans faced with illness or homelessness.

They are also working to establish the Military, Veterans, and Pets Sanctuary in Texas, not far from Ft. Hood. This will help further ensure that there is a safe home-like environment for military pets in need. 

With Guardian Angels watching over them, no military pet needs to go uncared for.

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