There are few things kitties love more than milk.  In a dish, in a bowl, out of your cereal bowl when you're not looking (oops!), cats will do whatever it takes to get a milk fix.  Lucky for us, it also makes them look adorable. Here are 14 ridiculously cute cats that got their milk!

1. I Aaaalmost Got It!

Source: tumblr

This kitten's eyes are definitely bigger than it's stomach but that won't stop it from getting the goods.

2. Milk For Two


This adorable duo are enjoying an all-you-can-drink milk buffet.

3. Milk Cat-astache

Source: tumblr

Why don't you want to kiss me? Do I have something on my face?

4.  Got Milk?

Source: trendingly

"I thought you said we were getting a liter, not a litter!"

5. Hunger Games


Give it to me meow!  These two eager kitties are competing in the Hunger Games for the last drop.


6. Cookies & Cream

Source: Pinterest

The purrfect pair.

7. Milk Drinking Contest


Only one can be named Champion.

8. Milk Gut


What?  I didn't do anything *burp*

9. It's Milkfast Time


 This collection of furballs are just enjoying their morning milkfast.

10. Tres Leches


For this recipe, all you need is three adorable kittens and one bowl of milk.

11. Milk Beard The Great

Source: Pinterest

There once was a furr-ocious viking kitten and his name was Milk Beard the Great.


Source: weheartit

What a mess!  This drippy little lady should learn better table manners but we'll let it slide since she's so cute.

13.  Dish Is Too Big?

Source: Stuff On My Cat

I really don't think this dish of milk is too big. I don't know why you would suggest that!

14.  America's Cutest Cat Drinking It Up

And if you're taste for milky cuteness isn't completely satiated, here's one final bit of creamy cuteness. Animal Planet's Cutest Cat of 2010 drinking it up...

World's Cutest Milk Loving Cat?World's Cutest Milk Loving Cat?


Okay, all together now, "Awwwww!"