Goodbye Cat in the Hat, hello puss in my pocket! Hiroko Kubota's cute custom embroidered Cat Shirts combine classic Internet meme Ceiling Cat with the horrifying chestburster from Alien... in a good way, of course. 

Hiroko Kubota of Nara, Japan is an accomplished embroiderer who had a problem: her young son was “quite small in stature” and she was having difficulty finding clothes he enjoyed wearing. While it was a simple matter finding sizes that fit him well, popular and appealing designs just weren't available. Solution: whip out the embroidery tools and do some DIY!

As her son loves cats, the subject of Kubota's upgrades wasn't an issue. It took both a keen sense of style and practiced skill at embroidery, however, to create shirts that are unique in their design and bursting with appeal... one shirt in particular embodies the latter attribute.


When Kubota first posted images of her Cat Shirts onto her Flickr photostream she probably didn't expect they would explode in popularity but that's exactly what's happened. Fans of her work from around the world have re-posted samples of her wearable art and though Kubota has no current plans to produce her Cat Shirts commercially, that could always change. (via Pouch