The space-saving Curve Pet Bed from Japanese designer Akemi Tanaka offers dogs and cats a cozy, padded place of their own tucked out of harm's way against an interior room wall. The attractive Bentwood beds feature  removable washable cushions and require just two attachment holes.

Out of the way and above the crowd, now that's the way to slumber! The Curve Pet Bed picks up your pets when they're down for the count (or at least, for the day). Sleeping on a cloud might be slightly more comfortable but the Curve Pet Bed is more practical.

Akemi Tanaka's economical design employs a Bentwood frame sheathed in attractive Maple veneer finished with rich, warm Linseed oil. Metal mounting brackets are powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance while the cushions attach to the frame with integral snaps.

Three different cushion patterns are available, the Squares pattern, as well as the Black and Houndstooth patterns. An anchor & screw set is included in case owners look to mount the bed on a drywall wall. The Curve Pet Bed is recommended for most cats and smaller dogs though the price is rather large: $200 per bed, plus shipping.


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