Ever work in an office without windows, hearing things going on outside, but not able to see exactly what's happening? Even though dogs and cats depend on their incredible senses of hearing and smell to receive information about their environments, they are about as anxious to see what's going on around them as we are.

For dogs with separation anxiety the ability to see outside of the home or yard is imperative. That ability won't cure separation anxiety, but it will help... a lot!

If windows are beyond your pet's reach in your home, or your backyard is fenced in, the Pet Peek is a great product to install. Installation is easy; once you make the hole in your wall or fence just drill holes for the four screws of the Pet Peek and set it up. If you're not handy will drills and saws, you will need a carpenter though, so you don't botch the job or hurt yourself.

Pet Peek has an acrylic dome that allows your pet to see what's going on. Having owned a dog with separation anxiety, believe me, I know how much just a view of the outside can help.

Pet Peek is available at OpulenItems.com for $25.

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