Jellyfish are incredible creatures that are not really fish and
certainly never made of jelly. You can crochet your own jellies for fun
and decoration with a simple pattern -- and you get to choose your own

Crochet JellyfishCrochet Jellyfish

These creatures, made from a pattern created by ChiWei, are absolutely adorable. She originally created them to hang in the bathroom for the kids to dry their hands on the tentacles. She made them with cotton yarn to be more absorbent.

Crochet JellyfishCrochet Jellyfish

These jellyfish are soft and cuddly enough that they have become snuggle buddies for her kids instead. So you can make them as toys rather than decorations.

Crochet JellyfishCrochet Jellyfish

Each jelly has a head that is about 5 inches in diameter and is about 15 to 18 inches long. Naturally you can adjust the length as need be.

To see the pattern, click here. From there you can also order a downloadable version for your convenience.

Source: One Dog Woof