For commuters in the city of Newcastle in the U.K. things were far from
normal a couple of weeks ago when they noticed a bunch of crabs making
their way down the aisle of a train car.  The little crustaceans were
evicted from the train at the Gateshead Metro Station. There a cleaning
team showed up to remove the creatures and move them to a new location.

Crabs in the Subway Station (Image via MentalFloss)Crabs in the Subway Station (Image via MentalFloss)

It is surmised that a passenger on the train was travelling with the crabs in a plastic bag. When the bag split one way the passenger split the other, leaving the crabs to fend for themselves. Another passenger used a cell phone to catch video of the crabs being corralled on the subway platform until the cleaners could arrive.

The rescued crustaceans were taken to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth. Unfortunately only a few survived the incident.

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