Evolution normally takes hundreds if not thousands of years for one species to morph into another creating an entirely new species. You know. . . like humans descending from apes. Hybrids on the other hand, no so long. For example a "zeedonk" is a cross between a zebra and a donkey, and "ligers" are the result of a male lion mating with a female tiger. But what about a "Squat" or "Catuirrel - the cross between a squirrel and a cat?"

Most likely, not going to happen. Doesn't seem like they would make for a compatible match-up? While they both have the proclivity for climbing trees, and do exhibit similar personality traits, i.e. fidgety independence - it seems that a squirrel could not become domesticated enough to assume the role of a household pet.

That was until "Momma Emmy" the cat from Carthage, Mississippi stumbled across a baby squirrel that lost its way. With the aid of her owners, Jim and Karen Watkins and their organization T.A.I.L.S. (Taking Animal Into Loving Shelters), Emmy welcomed the squirrel into her hearth where she was nursing her recently born kittens.

Not onlyRocky, the SquirrelRocky, the Squirrel did Emmy immediately take to the baby squirrel, she also started feeding and raising it as if it were one of her own. And if a mamma cat adopting a squirrel is amazing, the ability for the squirrel to adapt is probably even more remarkable. Appropriately named "Rocky," and only knowing Emmy as his mother, he's even taken on feline traits. "You can pick it up and pet it and it will start to purr just like a kitten does," said Watkins.

Rocky and Emmy however maybe unique duo however, as  there are documented cases that show cats and squirrels (similar to cats and dogs) really don't get along in the wild. In this video, you have a fearless squirrel taunting a frustrated cat knowing full well he has the protection of a window preventing any bodily injury.

So the possibilities of a "Squat" or "Catuirrel" evolving any time soon are most unlikely. But long live Emmy and Rocky - as they sure set a fine example of bi-partisan cohabitation. Perhaps our political parties could learn a lesson or two! Nah, that will take hundreds or thousands of years to happen!