From designer Yan Lu comes the “Poor Little Fish Basin” – a concept sink to help convince consumers to control their water use.


Not satisfied with television messages and PSAs that really don’t get the job done, it seems Lu is trying to tap into two powerful human emotions – guilt and fear – with the creation of his Poor Little Fish Basin.


The truth is that we pay very little mind to water conservation issues so long as our taps are flowing and our showers are hot. If they aren’t – even for one day – we scream bloody murder.


But so long as we can wet our hands and brush our teeth, the plight of those without this natural resource drifts lazily by on the edge of our minds, something we’re aware of but don’t really care about.


To address our emotional distance, Lu designed the Poor Little Fish Basin, ready to help you conserve water and maybe just save a life.


Looking a bit like a cross between a sink and a lamp, the basin is a freestanding pedestal sink with a fishbowl on top. Two separate pipelines are routed in, one up and underneath the bowl and one to the water tap.

Hmm: Something is fishy here.Hmm: Something is fishy here.


Once the bowl is full and your fishy friend (or friends) are inside, the sink is ready for use. The separate pipes mean that you’re not using fish-water to wash your face, helping to ensure that you don’t smell like a Red Lobster every time you leave your house.


As you use clean water, however, the water level in the fishbowl drops, bringing Gregory the Fish ever closer to a suffocating demise. Once you stop wasting water – you big waster – the levels in the bowl will return to normal, saving Greggy the Fish and your conscience.


It’s a neat idea, though getting someone to spend money to have what is essentially a novelty item to conserve water might be a bit of a hard sell, and there’s the fact that having no water in the bowl won’t mean instant death for poor Greg – although it would be mean as hell – and of course the problem that the whole design has a bit of a “fishbowl hits man in head” vibe.


Still, kudos for Lu for trying to provoke a visceral reaction to water conservation issues.


Way to think outside the bowl.

Source: Tuvie

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