Comedy 'Animal Practice' Coming To NBC In Fall 2012


Justin Kirk (and monkey) in NBC's Fall comedy, Animal Practice: image via blog.zap2it.comJustin Kirk (and monkey) in NBC's Fall comedy, Animal Practice: image via blog.zap2it.comNBC has apparently decided to join the booming pet business by scheduling a pet-centered comedy, Animal Practice, for the Fall.  Perhaps the boom in pet spending augers success for serial pet comedies; it would if the comedians were animals!

But this comedy will apparently focus on people, like most sit-coms, so we'll see how much play the actual patients get.  

So far, NBC has not released the names of the animal stars, but it has released the names of the people stars.  Justin Kirk from Weeds plays the House-like veterinarian, who loves animals but hates their owners.  Amy Huberman, an Irish actress who starred in British TV series Threesome, co-stars as the otherwise engaged woman who runs the animal hospital.

Animal Practice was preceded by its TV pilot called Animal Kingdom; maybe the 'kingdom' was a bit too lofty for this comedy's ambitions.


via IFTN, TheCelebrity Cafe, Zap2It


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