Last Sunday a television station in Colorado Springs, Colorado was off
of the air after a skunk attacked the workings of its transmitter tower
in the way that only a skunk can -- by putting up a really big stink.
The skunk Skunk (Photo by Kevin Bowman/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Skunk (Photo by Kevin Bowman/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)had apparently been searching for a warm place to curl up when
things started to go terribly wrong.

In looking for a nice warm place to hang out the skunk apparently had an unfortunate interaction with some of the wiring that caused the animal to get singed for the experience. The skunk did as skunks will do and it raised a big stink about the whole thing. This action apparently caused a breaker trip, shutting down the transmitter for most of a day. 

A repairman was called to deal with the problem. He was aware of the presence of the skunk immediately upon his arrival. While he fixed the problem the skunk was able to escape and will not be brought up on charges.

Source: WVNSTV


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