It has long been Sharon Blackmon's habit to arrive early for work at Fowler Property Management. One
Halloween morning several years ago she was the first to arrive at the
officeBat (Photo by Keith Pomakis/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Bat (Photo by Keith Pomakis/Creative Commons via Wikimedia) as usual and she began to prepare the office for the day -- start the coffee, turn on the copy machine, and so on. Something was different on this particular morning. She kept hearing little squeaks. At first she thought it was complaints from the temperamental copy machine. A check of the machine ruled it out. She began to suspect that she was not alone, but where her early
morning companion was hiding was a mystery.

Blackmon, in an interview with, said she continued to hear a squeaking noise but could not locate it easily. She finally started searching around the office, checking everything. She finally found the culprit. A small bat was lying on the floor behind the door to the leasing office and crying. Blackmon and a coworker found a pair of gloves and the coworker picked up the animal to find that it was not injured.

Fowler Property Management, Boulder, Colorado (photo used by permission)Fowler Property Management, Boulder, Colorado (photo used by permission)They called the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and they sent out an animal control officer. They were even more baffled than Blackmon. Not only had the bat managed to get into the sealed building, all of the bats in the area would have gone into hibernation several weeks earlier.

The tiny creature measured no more than two inches in length and was thought to be a juvenile. Animal control took the bat to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just west of Boulder in an area where bats are known to congregate and it was released hoping that it would find its way back to its colony for the winter.

"What are the odds of finding a bat on Halloween Day residing in my office?" Blackmon exclaimed. She shook her head over the memory of that morning.

Source: Sharon Blackmon


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