Frogs raining from the sky sounds like something out of a whimsical children's book or some sort of vengeance upon rebellious tribes in the Bible. But the truth of the matter is that stories of frogs, fish, birds, and other animals raining from the sky not only had to originate from somewhere, but they are also legitimately true.

Not to fear... it's not a sign of the apocalypse (a touchy subject, being this close to December of 2012 for sure) or some weird effect of global warming. For lovers of the weird, science is once again going to break your heart with a simple explanation as to how "frog storms" actually happen.

First, for those of you It's not raining cats and's not even raining men.It's not raining cats and's not even raining men.that are scratching your head over the mere mention of such an oddity, accounts of frogs falling from the sky go back a very long time. The first documented case came in 1897 when an entire Kansas town was covered in frogs that fell from the sky during a storm. Similar stories have popped up here and there over the years, sometimes involving fish, birds, and even bats.

There is nothing at all supernatural about such odd precipitation, though. Scientists have suggested that strong pockets of wind can scoop up frogs from their home, then send them sailing higher into the sky towards approaching storms. The frogs then unwittingly become part of the storm (usually along with rain or sleet) and end up falling to the ground.

Other theories point out that tornados actually have the power to suck all of the water out of a small pond. Once those frogs are airborne and shot skyward, they can be thrown for miles. Then they have to land somewhere... and on top of your head or the hood of your car is as good as any other place.

Surprisingly, the frogs that are sometimes swept up in these weather mishaps hit the ground relatively unharmed. Reports indicate that they are dazed for a while but then carry on with their normal (albeit rudely interrupted) lives. This is remarkable when you consider just how far up some of these critters have been lifted before plummeting down. In a few cases, frogs have apparently gone so high into the atmosphere that they hit the ground encased in chunks of ice.

Although science does have these smarty-pants answers to offer, it still remains pretty creepy to think about any animals being rained from the sky. Just think of trying to explain to your insurance agent that your car was severely dented from being pelted by falling toads.


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