Gabriella Barouch is a well established illustrator who frequently brings animals and us together in an imaginative world time and time again. Currently working out of France, she works on illustrations for a variety of projects in as many countries. Look at this animal art Barouch has produced for a book of silliness, Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense.


 Bear Art by Barouch: You may have to check out Barouch's gallery to understand what is going on here!



 Art Including Various Birds by Barouch: Some birds built a nest in this poor old guy's beard.


Owls and Mice by Barouch: These Owls are deciding to be more considerate of mice than most owls.


Barouch is an award winning and very accomplished artist. She has won awards across the world, of which you can see a list on her Facebook page. It is easy to see why, when you look at this animal art from her illustrations in the Special Day calendar and more!


Bats and Whale Art by Barouch: Not something you'll see on the Discovery Channel any day soon!


 Koala Art by Barouch: There just isn't enough koala art out there. Don't forget the hummingbird in their either!


Much of Barouch's work has an other-worldly quality to it. Take a close look at these images or some of Barouch's galleries, and you can easily see yourself in a very strange place.


Bird by Barouch: Take a second look at this animal image. One of Barouch's weird and wonderful creatures.



Elephant by Barouch: This fella has some big plans...


Swan Art by Barouch: Elegance on a large scale.


Gabriella Barouch has many more enchanting animal images on her well represented internet presence. Be sure to check out her Facebook page, homepage, Twitter, Etsy and more! Don't forget to like or pin or tweet this article for your friends and family to enjoy! If you liked Barouch's animal art, You may like Corine Perier's animal art.

Images used with artist permission.


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