The New Year brings in more than a slew of resolutions. It also brings
in the enactment of a bunch of new laws. One of the most noticed laws
that has been catching the attention the nation is in little Wellington,
Cats Eating (Photo by Zeemeeuw/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Cats Eating (Photo by Zeemeeuw/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Kansas. There, in an effort to cut down the number of stray and feral
cats, a new ordinance has started that limits each household to no more
than four adult cats, or a single litter of kittens.

Hundreds of stray and feral cats are picked up each month in Wellington. Those that are not able to be adopted are euthanized. It is hoped that in limiting the number of cats allowed per household, it will cut down on the number that end up stray.

As a further measure to help reduce the unwanted cat population, cats adopted from the Wellington Humane Society are required to be spayed or neutered to curtail the number of new litters of kittens in the community. Even then there are those who say that the ordinance does not go far enough.

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