Cat climbers just keep getting more stylish as they offer more options to your cat. The Everest, soon to be released by The Refined Feline should definitely be classified as designer furniture if only by its price -- $999, probably plus shipping.

Though I can't comment on whether The Everest justifies its price, I can share some of its features and let you know that The Refined Feline does make high quality cat furniture... the kind that lasts.

Made of bent plywood, The Everest stands 7 feet high, is 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. The plywood stain can be customized to match your personal furniture. The Everest below is stained in maple. I would love to see The Everest stained a deep mahoghany!

Additionally, The Everest shelves are covered in FLOR carpet, and you can choose the carpet you love. If you have FLOR carpet in your home, a matching carpet would be dynamite.



Okay, so now about your cat. Let's start with the 7 foot tower. If cats could look down from the ceiling they would, and 7 feet is as close to most modern ceilings as you can get. My cat goes outside on the roof and looks down on us from the skylight.

The staggered shelves are easy for cats to climb and jump from, as they don't perceive them as interference. There's plenty of room on The Everest for multiple cats to perch, scratch, or nap.

And then there are the vertical scratching pads on both sides of The Everest. You and I both know this is exactly what cats want, and very few cat towers are designed with this feature. The carpets are sisal because they are sure to get a workout.

If The Everest appeals to you, no doubt your cats will love it. You can contact the Refined Cat to find out when this design will be available to order.

That's the buzz for today!