It was early on Sunday morning when an Australian woman was awakened by
the sound of her cat hissing angrily. When she got up to investigate she
found a six-foot python wrapped three-times around her Hissing Cat (Public Domain Image)Hissing Cat (Public Domain Image)two-year-old
daughter's arm. The woman hates to think of what would have happened if
the cat hadn't woken her up.

Tess Guthrie, 22, of Lismore, New South Wales, thought she was having a nightmare. The toddler was sleeping in bed with her when the python had crept into bed with the two of them. Guthrie pried the snake off of the child, but not before the snake bit the child three times on the left hand. 

Little Zara had woken up and was screaming in pain from the bites. Guthrie was becoming hysterical from the shock. 

The child was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released. Since pythons are non-venomous she was never in danger from poisoning. The snake was captured and later released back into the wild.

Even though experts claim that the snake was just snuggling for warmth and that Zara had never been in danger of being eaten, Guthrie remains thankful that her cat had alerted her to the potential danger.

Source: Yahoo News


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