When you pour yourself a glass of wine at the end of a long day it is
nice if you don't have to drink alone. Now you can pour your cat a nice
red or white and it can drink along with you. Apollo Peak, a company out
of Denver, Colorado, has created a couple of "wines" just especially
for cats. Don't worry. There isn't a drop of alcohol in these potent
potables, just a pleasant amount of catnip.

Cat Imbibing in Apollo Peak Wine for CatsCat Imbibing in Apollo Peak Wine for Cats

Cat wine isn't totally new. There has been a Nyan Nyan Nouveau in Japan for several years. Sadly this brew was not available to cats in the United States and worse yet it is made from grapes which can be toxic to cats. Now American cats have their own special wine made with fresh water sourced high in the Rocky Mountains -- much like Coors Beer! It is actually more like an herbal tea using organic catnip in the steeping. Juice from fresh organic red or golden beets is used to color the wine for red or white. Beets are not toxic for cats.

 Apollo Peak Cat WineApollo Peak Cat Wine

The red is named Pinot Meow and the white is MosCATo. You can choose the wine based on what cat food you will be serving that night, or match it to what you are drinking. Of course you must always serve red with mouse -- or at least as a reward for chasing one.

Apollo is the spokescat for the fledgling company and he dictates blog posts to one of the staff members for publication on their website. This website is also the place to go to order the wine. The product is so new it isn't on many store shelves yet. If you are a vendor wanting to carry this catnip concoction there is a link on the website to give you the 411 on getting started.

 Apollo the SpokescatApollo the Spokescat

Just remember that not all cats are receptive to catnip and if they don't go for the actual weed they probably won't get much of a kick out of the wine either. This is also a good time to point out that you need your own bottle of wine because humans don't get much of a kick out of catnip or the nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that gives it its feline intoxicating power. And, of course, cats should never be given alcohol. Though when I was a kid we had a cat who liked to get into Mom's highballs and drink them, but that's another story.

Don't forget to help your kitty drink responsibly and only give it a cat-sized portion. You don't want them to become a wino. There don't seem to be any 12-step programs for cats with substance abuse problems. It is also important to know what kind of drunk your cat is. Another cat we had when I was a kid was a mean drunk. Once she had a snoot full of the nip she would beat up our other two cats. You may need to take steps to make sure that everyone at the party will be safe as well as happy.

Images via Bored Panda

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