Everyone knows that cats have a strangely strong attraction to
cardboard boxes. For one eight-year-old Siamese cat in England it almost
became a fatal attraction. Her owner was packing up a box of DVDs for
mailing and Cupcake managed to sneak into the box unseen to check it
out. Before either human or cat knew what was happening she had been
mailed away.


Image via Metro

Her journey began in Falmouth in Cornwall and took her 260 miles away to Worthing in West Sussex. She was trapped in the box for eight long days until an employee of the company opened it. At the sight of the seriously ill cat the company called the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). From there she was rushed to a vet where they found she was extremely dehydrated, but otherwise is surprisingly good shape.

Cupcake in the BoxCupcake in the Box

Image via ITV

Fortunately Cupcake had been microchipped so that they were able to scan the information on it. This allowed them to contact her owner, Julie Baggott. Baggott came and picked up her missing puss with obvious relief and some serious feelings of guilt. She had spent the past couple of weeks hunting everywhere for her missing darling. It was a huge relief to find her alive and well, even if she was so far from home.

Cupcake is home now and recovering very quickly from her ordeal. The story certainly serves to demonstrate the importance of having your pets microchipped and keeping the information updated.

Sources: Metro, ITV