Cat Nap
(C) 2008 by Laurie Kay Olson

Cat Nap (Image via CSAP)Cat Nap (Image via CSAP)

Nightly to the edge I cling,
Lying there wondering
How she gets the larger space
When it's me who owns the place.
It seems we start out all right,
Just her and me, cuddled tight.
But as sleep begins to thrive
She manages to contrive
To move me, though nearly dead,
Closer to the edge of bed.
Till one tiny sneeze or cough
And it is likely I'll fall off.
How can just one little cat
Take up the whole bed like that?
And because I love her so
I'll curl up and not let go.
I'll try each night to hang on
Like a pretzel until dawn.

Image via CSAP