Raccoons are cute, sweet and charming animals- If you’ve never had to deal with the smart, aggressive and vile scavengers up close and personal. While many Americans might think that baboons are delightfully silly monkeys, our South African friends would gladly trade me for my raccoon problems!

Cape Town in particular has been suffering from brazen raids and attacks from gangs of bold, omnivorous Chacma baboons for quite some time. These large monkeys have huge canine teeth and aren’t afraid of humans in the slightest. I’m sure that it was fun to watch baboons steal sandwiches from the tourists at first, but when they are rummaging through trash cans, breaking into houses to steal food, killing pets and attacking the locals, something had to change. Thankfully for the natives of Cape Town, they’ve got the Human Wildlife Solutions team on the job.

Human Wildlife Solutions has stepped up to the plate to drive the brash baboons out of the city in a big way. Since August 2012, baboons have stayed out of Cape Town’s borders over 95% of the time through a combination of teaching residents how to baboon-proof their trash and homes, while chasing errant individuals away with paintball guns.

Baboons are some of my all-time favorite animals, and while I certainly wouldn’t mind living among them as long as they wouldn’t smash into my car if I left a pack of Tic-Tacs in the console, I understand the plight of the citizens of Cape Town. Kudos to the entire Human Wildlife Solutions crew for their ongoing work to keep the plundering primates out of the city, while doing their best to take care of these intelligent and incredible animals. Click here to learn more about Human Wildlife Solutions and their ongoing efforts to promote conflict-free interactions between humans and animals.

Source: Yahoo! News