It is the most delicious self-flame-broiled meat on Earth. With Canned
Dragon Meat
on hand in the pantry you are ready to face down any natural
disaster or doomsday scenario that comes your way -- and you will do it
in style! It is pre-cooked so all you need is a can opener, or a really
sharp rock, to be ready to feast on the tastiest and tenderest dragon
you've ever bit into.

Canned Dragon MeatCanned Dragon Meat

If you loved Radiant Farms' Unicorn Meat, then you will adore their dragon meat. While the unicorn meat comes from Ireland, the dragon meat comes from Scotland. Both come from the same group of nuns, but the dragon meat is handled by the older nuns who have become bitter and jaded by life. You can't take that out on the beauty of unicorns, so they transfer to their location in the Highlands where they can unleash any pent up aggression on the grumpiest of the gnarled and scaly beasts. As everyone knows, happy, pleasant dragons are shipped off to work for Disney.

Canned Dragon MeatCanned Dragon Meat

According to Think Geek, our official vendor of dragon meat, "One can contains 100% of your daily value of havoc, terror, inferno, destruction, magic, and rage." They also warn that the product may also contain trace amounts of poetry and ballet, so consume with caution.

Canned Dragon MeatCanned Dragon Meat

The meat comes exclusively from free-range, non-GMO, organic dragons so that you can feel good about feeding it to your family. As everyone knows, fresh dragon meat is best, but when you can't go out and kill one yourself, this is definitely the next best thing.

All kidding aside (and boy! is that hard to do!) the can has a stuffed severed dragon head inside. The Canned Dragon Meat may be in questionable taste, but boy is it fun!


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