One of the funniest videos circulating this week stars a dog named Fritz. Despite the temptation of food items that many dogs would do anything for, Fritz just can't figure out how to get the food into his mouth (although, it does hit him just about everywhere else) when it's tossed to him for his own personal enjoyment. It's hilarious but depressing, as you'll see when watching it below.

If you want to save your dog similar embarrassment, you can try to introduce the skill of catching a little bit more gradually, following these tips:

  1. Start by standing closer to your dog so that you are essentially dropping the food item into their mouth.
  2. Start with smaller treats.
  3. If the dog doesn't catch the treat, pick it up and try again.
  4. If he/she successfully catches it, provide another treat as a reward (hand it to them directly).
  5. Repeat the process until the dog is successfully catching items of that size and at that distance.
  6. Slowly increase both as they've started to master the art of food catching.

With a little bit of effort, you'll be launching tacos into the air to be caught with ease. Sorry, Fritz; you've inspired some competition. But thanks for being so hilarious and adorable, while proving that with perseverance every pup can live their dream and catch that french fry.