Bison mama and baby enjoying a spring day togetherBison mama and baby enjoying a spring day togetherGuests at Yellowstone National Park are getting the chance to see elk
and bison calves feeding and frolicking in the mountain meadows. Due to a
mild winter in the park, the elk and bison populations have risen
significantly. An estimated 500 bison babies were born there this year.

The young animals provide a great deal of wonder and awe among the visitors. The calving season is relatively short, from April through early June. Savvy guests to the park plan their trips accordingly to make the most of the season.

An elk mama feeds her calf at Yellowstone National ParkAn elk mama feeds her calf at Yellowstone National ParkThese hairy little celebrities are great at drawing a crowd and can be seen on a drive through the park. Traffic jams are not uncommon as people stop to gawk, take photos, and marvel over the young innocence and exuberance for life.

People who become familiar with such scenes of wildlife become more aware of the need for conservation. Park officials appreciate the level of interest the visitors show in their conservation programs, something that follows them home as they get involved in, and contribute to, such programs.

 Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle