You might think that a nice quiet island located just off the coast of
Brazil would make for an unforgettable scenic trip, full of exotic fun
and wonderful memories. In many cases, this is pretty much on point.
However, if you ever get invited to visit the island of Ilha de Quiemada
Grande, forget about packing your bags. Actually, you may just want to
lock yourself in your house for a while.

To say that this island
has a snake problem is a severe understatement.  Its history can best be
summed up by two horrible accounts. One involves a lone fisherman that
was later discovered in his blood-soaked boat. Another involves an
entire family that was literally attacked by snakes during the night
while sleeping in their cabin.

Some might ask "Well how can it beHe'd like you to meet his 326 brothers and sisters...He'd like you to meet his 326 brothers and sisters... so hard to get away from a few snakes? Why weren't these people more careful?"

people are clearly not yet well informed about the layout of Ilha de
Quiemada Grande. The first red mark against the island is that it is the
only location on Earth that holds the super-venomous Golden Lancehead.
This is a snake that has such venomous poison that it is basically
toxic, often making the skin literally rot off of your bones. As if that
weren't a pleasant enough thought, now try to understand that on this
island, the snake population is beyond ridiculous. Averages indicate
that there are anywhere between 1 and 5 of these charming creatures
within every meter of the island.

So you could literally not take a
single step on this island without coming across at least two or three
snakes... in some cases piled up on top of one another. It kind of makes
you wonder who was brave/stupid enough to conduct such a study, doesn't
it? On occasion, Navy ships make routine supply drops to the island
which raises the obvious question of who is suicidal enough to call such
a place home?

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