Holly, a calico cat, went on holiday with her owners, Jacob and Bonnie
Richter, at an RV rally in Daytona Beach, Florida. Somehow the little
house cat became separated from her family and the Richters had to
return Calico Cat (Photo by Ksmith4f/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Calico Cat (Photo by Ksmith4f/Creative Commons via Wikimedia) to their home without her. Two months later, on New Year's Eve,
Holly was found in someone's backyard just about a mile from home. She
was weak and emaciated from a journey of 200 miles to get back to the

The Richters both cried when they saw Holly and the cat relaxed happily once she was placed on Jacob's shoulder. No one knows how she managed the trip, though her claws were worn down and the pads on her paws were bleeding. It was an embedded microchip that helped her make it all of the way home. 

While such tales of animals finding their way home are rare, it is more common to hear of this kind of miracle happening with dogs than with cats, but that may be attributable to the fact that dogs are far more likely to travel with their human families.

Little is known about how cats navigate, however, research is being done with migratory animals as to how they manage to navigate their routes. Many of them use magnetic fields or the location of the sun.

Holly hardly seems to be the feline Indiana Jones since she is a confirmed house cat. However, her start in life was an adventure in itself. Her mother was a feral cat wandering around the mobile home park where the Richters live. She gave birth to Holly and her litter mates inside an air conditioner. When Holly was about six weeks old she walked into the Richter's carport and adopted them.

Source: Mail Online