Living Wills are recommended for all individuals over the age of 65, or those who are younger who are living with a serious medical condition. The principle behind these Living Wills is that the person's wishes with regards to medical care are outlined and documented so that others know what they want from their medical care at a time when they may be unable to speak for themselves and make their own decisions. Since our beloved pets can never speak for themselves, a company called Pet Living Wills has decided to capture this niche with a unique business.

Pet Living WillsPet Living Wills

Pets might never be able to speak for themselves, so it's not up to them to make decisions about their medical care. As a result, those choices fall to pet parents, and what happens if a pet is in the care of a boarding establishment or a friend when the pet falls ill and their owner can't be reached? Of course, a dog can't tell its caregiver that "my mommy would want me to take me to the vet now", so the legal document ensures that caregivers and vets abide by your wishes with regards to medical care for your pet.

Pet Living Wills cost $49 per yearly membership for one pet, and $39 for each additional pet. Pet parents can logon and access their Pet Living Wills at any time to reflect changes in their pets medical needs; which also gives partnering vets virtual access to the most up to date information. That way, if someone else has to take your beloved fur baby to the vet due to a medical issue, you'll only be stuck with a bill that's in line with treatment that you would have chosen for your dog or cat.

It's certainly a unique business, but it's up to you to decide if Pet Living Wills are worthwhile; or if written instructions left with a pet-sitter, boarder or vet would suffice.