San Francisco-based artist Kirk McGuire has a passion for sea life, and
for bronze sculpture. "I have always been fascinated with nature and the
variety of amazing wildlife that exists in it. It is my inspiration! In
particular the unusual and unique species. I am also inspired by the
beginning of the Bronze Age of man. I sculpt in a way that shows an
emphasis on balance and harmony, movement and rhythm. Every living thing
has beauty and I try to show this. I strive to make all of my bronze sculptures fluid, defy gravity, and bring attention to each amazing species that I sculpt."



McGuire's "Cephalopod" sculpture,  shown above, does a great job of capturing the movement and spirit of an elusive animal -- the giant Pacific octopus.

Some pieces, like the giant squid sculpture shown below, are available as either free-standing pieces or as table bases.



McGuire is currently at work on a sculpture featuring the moray eel. Here is a detail from that work-in-progress:



For more information about McGuire's work, including how to purchase or commission a piece, visit the artist's website.