Favorite valentine's day companions?: image via petfooddirect.comFavorite valentine's day companions?: image via petfooddirect.com Recently, we reported the results of the most current Associated Press poll taken of U.S. residents about their attitudes regarding their lovers and their pets.  This Valentine's Day, a British survey of 3,000 pet owners reveals how the Brits answer the question: Your lover or your pet?

The survey, intentionally released on Valentine's Day, asked the respondents if they were more affectionate to their lovers or their pets.  Almost one-third responded that they were more affectionate with their pets than their lovers.  Additionally...

80 percent would never date anyone who didn't like their pet;
79 percent would not give up a pet for a lover who didn't want the pet;
29 percent would rather have a pet than a child;
50 percent said their pets strengthened their relationships with their lovers; and
12 percent blamed their pets for putting a strain on their relationships.

One of the most surprising statistics from this survey is that 20 percent of the respondents said they would rather have a pet than a human relationship!

Though the AP didn't ask the exact same questions as the British survey, I think you'll find strong similarities between U.S. and British pet owners when it comes to which relationships they value most. (see Is It Me Or The Dog? AP Poll Results Released)



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