Whenever you go on vacation, it
can always be exciting to walk your dog in a new neighborhood or location.
However, in some new places, you need to show a bit of caution as to where you
take your dog for a walk. Case in point: if you ever happen to visit Dumbarton,
Scotland, do not take your dog for a
walk in Milton.

Overtoun BridgeOvertoun BridgeJust outside of Milton, there
is a bridge known as the Overtoun Bridge that is becoming something of a star
in paranormal folklore. According to legend and, even scarier, apparent factual
accounts, an alarming number of dogs have leaped to their death from the bridge
without any promptings or reasons.

People started reporting this
eerie occurrence as early as the 1950s. On many occasions, the dogs were not
with human accompaniment. Pedestrians and other bystanders would simply see
dogs running towards the bridge where they would then jump off and fall more
than fifty feet to the ground below. Weirder yet, the dogs that did not die
from impact would limp back to the bridge only to leap off again.

Also adding to the creep factor
is the fact that these poor dogs tend to jump not only from the same side of
the bridge, but from the same portion of the bridge. Again, this could be easily dismissed as
simply legend and ghost stories if it weren’t for the eyewitness accounts and
the number of dog bodies seen along the bottom of the bridge on numerous

There are two common explanations to
this oddity, one of which would fit right at home in an X-Files episode. The other is much more grounded but
admittedly something of a stretch. The paranormal explanation is that the area
around Milton is believed to be haunted, as it is an area that was regarded as
highly spiritual by older Celtic beliefs. The Celts believed the area to be a
gap of sorts that connected the world of the living with the world of the dead.
Being that many paranormal experts believe that pets — dogs in particular — are highly
in tune with the supernatural, this seems to make at least some sort of sense.Milton MinksMilton Minks

The more realistic explanation
can be blamed on the minks that have been seen in the brush beneath the bridge.
Throughout the year, the population of minks in the area of Milton can get
rather high, particularly in the areas surrounding the bridge. Still, some
think being excited over the scent on minks would not cause a dog to carelessly
leap from such a height.

Neither explanation makes the
situation any more pleasant, of course. The topic is one of much debate to this
day and many locals are still wary of walking their dogs anywhere near Overtoun

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