This little chihuahua shows that size doesn't matter when he throws
himself in between a group of kittens and a larger dog.... that is only
playing...  This video, posted by Nancy Kempa on May 3, 2012 introduces a canine superhero for the ages... Even if the villain didn't have any intention to do harm.

Granted, large dogs--even when playing--can hurt or kill smaller animals.  It happened to my friends.  One had two cats, one had two large dogs.  They came home one day to find themselves one cat less.

Do I think the dog in this video had bad intentions?  No.  Just look at him.  He is playing, pure and simple.  But he has no concept of size when it comes to the kittens.  Therefore, I applaud the actions of the little chihuahua.  She did well in giving the youngster a mild scolding.

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