Though we know that Bo was a gift for Sasha and Malia Obama, like all the other dogs who've lived in that big White House, Bo is America's First Dog and our interest in him is great.  I'm sure that we would all send Bo gifts, if we thought they might reach him.  If my gifts would reach him... here's what I think Bo needs.


1. Bo's White House Replica

Every dog needs his own space and being that Bo is our First Dog, he needs his own White House to match his stature.  This is the most expensive gift on my list, and it will probably the most expensive dog house ever, so if you want to really impress the First Family and the rest of the country... this is THE GIFT.  And you know there's a replica almost-in-waiting for Bo at Opulent Items. (I am not kidding. Check it out!)




2. Bo's Dog Bed: Wicked Good Dog Bed Lounge

I'm choosing an extra cushy bed for Bo as his breed is very active and prone to hip dysplasia in later years.  The Wicked Good Dog Bed Lounge is made with orthopedic grade foam, designed to relieve pressure on bones and joints.  A dual inner layer on its cushion absorbs odor and traps wetness. Fabrics and sections are machine washable.  L.L Bean




3. Bo's Food And Water Bowls: Bambu Diner

Th Bambu Diner is not only ergonomic (Bo should never have to stoop to get a drink or his dinner.), but eco-friendly.  The Bambu Diner's design is very stable, so that it can resist some of Bo's enthusiasm to get to it!   Pet Lounge Studios