Here’s a batch of ten beautiful desktop wallpapers featuring exotic marine life from all over the world brought to your by Microsoft’s search engine, It’s like bringing your PC to the seaside without the ultra violet rays and burning sands!

Anemone and Pink AnemonefishAnemone and Pink Anemonefish


Blue-Ringed OctopusBlue-Ringed Octopus


Sea SlugsSea Slugs


Pod of DolphinsPod of Dolphins


Florida ManateeFlorida Manatee


Flock of WilletFlock of Willet


Ocean SunfishOcean Sunfish


Happy Sea LionsHappy Sea Lions


Horned Ghost CrabHorned Ghost Crab


Thorny SeahorseThorny Seahorse

Did one of your favorite oceanic animals make the list? Check back next time for even more of Bing’s incredible animal wallpapers!
Sources: Bing, IStartedSomething