Here’s a new batch of Bing’s most amazing background images of some of earth’s scarcest and most beloved wildlife. Just in case your zoo doesn’t feature these endangered creatures, and you aren’t browsing from the jungles, seas and grasslands they naturally live in, I’ve collected ten brilliant images to spruce up your desktop:

Amur LeopardAmur Leopard
Mountain Gorilla & SonMountain Gorilla & Son
Black RhinosBlack Rhinos
Giant Panda CubGiant Panda Cub
Clouded LeopardClouded Leopard
Mountain GorillasMountain Gorillas
Orphaned OrangutansOrphaned Orangutans
Celebes Crested MacaqueCelebes Crested Macaque

Which rare and elusive animal is your favorite? Share yours in the comments below!

Source: Bing, IStartedSomething


Originally published March 2014.