A group of large, muscular, heavily tattooed bikers from New York hardly
seems to be the sort who would be out rescuing kitties and puppies from
abuse and neglect, and yet the reality exists in the form of Rescue Ink.
ItRescue Ink Rescue Dog (You Tube Image)Rescue Ink Rescue Dog (You Tube Image) is such an unusual pairing that they have even had their own reality
show on the National Geographic Channel.  The boys themselves are in
need of a bit of rescue in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Their animal
shelter sustained considerable damage during the storm -- so much so
that only the building itself remained.

For more than a decade and a half these societal outlaws have made it their mission to not only rescue innocent animals in distress, but to educate the offending humans on the proper care and treatment of animals. In their own way, they are creating their own sort of Robin Hood legend. They take from the strong to protect the weak.

Rescue Ink Rescue Dog (You Tube Image)Rescue Ink Rescue Dog (You Tube Image)Their not-for-profit organization may be bent, but hardly broken. They are collecting donations to help them rebuild and they plan to rebuild bigger and better than before -- much like the lives they rescue. It is a big dream.

While you probably wouldn't be keen on meeting any of these men alone in a dark alley (unless you were a dog or cat in need), there is something uniquely touching about seeing one of these men caressing a tiny dog with all the care and love of a new mother. Beyond the original core of bikers, the volunteers are now also made up of military, police, private investigators and attorneys.

In addition to rescuing animals in need, they also come together as a team to hunt down missing animals to bring them back home. They also help people make sure that their pets are spayed and neutered, even if the cost comes out of their own pockets. Members of the "gang" also end up adopting some of the animals they rescue. Most of the animals they rescue will spend the rest of their lives at the Rescue Ink shelter. Until the shelter can be rebuilt, all of the animals are in foster homes.

For more information on Rescue Ink, to donate, or to volunteer, click here.

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