In spring a young dog's fancy turns to all the new scents in the air. A dog's absolutely favorite way to experience the natural scent of skunk and horse dung is to travel astride his owner through the countryside on a bike. A speedy bike, like a Harley®, for example, makes a friction of the wind like nothing else he could experience. A motor scooter will do, or just a plain old pedal bike, if it comes to that. But before getting on board, your biker dog must be able to make just the right statement.

1. Hog Dog Motorcycle Jacket and Cap

Your biker dog must have a tough-looking biker jacket to make a statement that she's no pussy cat. She's a tough bitch and you have to treat her as such when she's dog biker dressing. If your dog is riding a Harley, let me suggest this faux-leather Hog Dog Motorcycle Jacket, $50 - $60, available in XS to XL from






The Hog Dog Motorcyle Cap sells separately for $30, in medium and large, also at











2. The Monkey Daze Dog Biker Vest


Your dog biker can have the real thing -- leather, that is -- for the same price as faux, with a pink or blue eagle, but they are stamped with "Monkey Daze" (the dog clothing designer) and that may leave other dogs with a sissy impression of your biker dog. On the other hand, they are lined with a soft satiny material... how sexy! The Monkey Daze Motorcycle Vests are available through Modern Tails™ Luxury Pet Boutique.



3. Biker Buddy & Biker Girl Dog Hats


More in eagle-wear, the Biker Buddy and Biker Girl dog hats are soft leather, black or pink, with silver toned hardware, and are available from Paws and Tails from XXS to XL for $24.


4. Biker Dress and Barbed Wire Biker Vest


There are special biker dog clothes for dogs under 25 pounds who may shun the traditional eagle biker jackets. The tough but feminine Girl Dog Rose/Lace Biker Dress is faux leather and yes, it has the rose and pretty lace in black and white, but it also features a D-ring for a leash, upon which hangs a skull and crossbones charm! Speaking of charm, the Unisex Barbed Wire Biker Vest sports the same charm, but there's no lace to try and trap you into thinking this dog is sweet. Barbed wire is embroidered on it! Both dog biker vests function as walking harnesses. They are available from Amazon here.


5. Doggles Biker Hats


Now here are some flashy Biker Hats by Doggles, just to add some flare to your biker dog's costume. Flare with a big of chrome flash; that's what they're all about. Sized for teacup to large dogs, these are available from Doggles for $14.95.



6. Dog Goggles

No biker dog should be without a pair of dog goggles, especially if he's really going out riding or biking. They're not just for vanity, they're for safety, so check out what's available from Doggles and Petlenses, covered on my past post: Fashionable Dog Glasses Are Also Protective.


Dog Goggles By PetlensesDog Goggles By Petlenses



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