The Biggest Shedder might lose a pound of hair in the summer time, but this Biggest Shedder contest is about pounds - the real kind of weight loss. If your cat or dog is overweight, you can both get motivated now with a national pet weight loss contest, The Biggest Shedder, sponsored by Blue Veterinary Partners, a provider of veterinary internships and residency programs.


Biggest Shedder Weigh-In PrizesBiggest Shedder Weigh-In Prizes


The first 'weigh-in' is on February 13, 2013, so you have, according to the contest rules, between now and then to take your pet to the vet and learn for sure if he is overweight or not.  Then the vet must prescribe a weight loss and exercise program for your pet with a reasonable weight goal for your pet to attain by June 14, 2013.  This goal, along with your pet's current weight must be submitted to the contest by February 13.

Every two weeks your pet must have her weight recorded by the veterinarian's office before you can submit his current weight to the contest website. And at that time, your pet has the opportunity to win sweepstakes prizes contributed by Pfizer Animal Health.

The Grand Prize Winner will be the pet who best accomplishes her goal based on the pet's species, breed and weight.  The cat or dog winner will get a year's worth of pet food and an iPad, which we know, if he's a cat, he will use.

For more information, see the official contest rules.